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seam.so allows users to code, design, and curate their perfect social spaces.

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Let’s make the sharing with your friends fun & chaotic again. We’ve had enough of the sterile Instagram feeds that force you into sharing only in tiny boxes. No more Facebook feeds that smoosh all the important updates from your friends next to clickbait and news articles. Seam profiles are weird, customizable and re-theme-able. Drag and drop blocks, like music, gifs, and pixel art, and post to your friends walls using mini-apps. If the way you want to share doesn’t exist yet, you can code a mini-app yourself using our Block SDK.

Seam aims to bring back a user-owned era of the Internet, focused on whimsical and zany user expression, rather than impersonal newsfeeds. By using mini-apps to drop content into curated social spaces, Seam is making social media personal again. Seam’s focus on close friends and communities means it is not focused on influencers, amassing followers, or portable social graphs.

Also, let’s defeat the ads business model for social media. No more ads means no more doomscrolling, no more data collection, and aligns the incentives between the platform and the users. Instead, Seam has a marketplace of user created mini-apps, themes, and templates. You earn Seam Points by completing quests and creating stuff for the Seam community, and then spend them on profile customizations and unlocking the mini-apps your friends make.

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